Head of the Department

Qualification : B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.,
Specialization : Electronics Design and Technology
Email : ravindrakumarselvaraj@gmail.com
Phone no : +919442738085

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Ph.D (Information and Communication)
M.Tech ( Electronics Design and Technology)
B.E (Electronics and Communication)
(PG: NIT Calicut Alumnus: UG: CIT Alumnus)


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Design of low power blink detector for minimally invasive implantable stimulator (SOC) using 180nm technology>>Read More..

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Detection Of Cardiovascular Abnormalities Using Peak Detection And Adaptive Thresholding: A Synthetic And Real Time Approach>>Read More..

Fetal ECG Extraction And Enhancement In Prenatal Monitoring-Review And Implementation Issues>>Read More..


 Embedded and Microcontroller design.

 Electronic System design.

 Digital and Analog integrated circuit design.

 VLSI design.

 Biomedical signal processing

 VLSI signal processing

 Robotics Design