Laboratories & Infrastructures

Machine Shop

Machine shop is well equipped with conventional machines (lathes, drilling, shaping machines etc.,) and also various special purpose machines such as planing, milling, surface and cylindrical grinding, hobbing, slotting, CNC turning center etc. Students are given opportunities to individually work on various machines and learn the work thoroughly. The facilities in the shop are being used for other department project and maintenance work in addition to the main curriculum work.

Dynamics Lab

This helps the students understand the concepts of mechanics and enhances their knowledge in vibration .The experiments related to the above topics are performed by the 6th semester mechanical students. The following are the experiments carried out by them.

  • Undamped free vibration of single rotor system
  • Undamped free vibration of equivalent spring mass system
  • Dynamic balancing of different rotating masses on different panes
  • Strain measurement using strain meter and strain gauges
  • Whirling of shaft
  • Forced vibration
  • Study of cutting forces in lathe and milling tool dynamometers

Metallurgy Lab

The students can see the microstructures of various ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. This lab has facilities to conduct heat treatment experiments. This lab is being utililsed by mechanical engineering students. The following experiments can be conducted:

  • Preparation of Specimen for Metallurgical Examination
  • Study of Metallurgical Microscope
  • Identification of Grey Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Plain Carbon Steel, Copper Alloy, Aluminum Alloy and High Speed Steel
  • Heat Treatment of Plain Carbon Steel
    • Hardening
    • Tempering
    • Normalizing
    • Annealing
  • Hardenability Test – Jominy -End Quench Test
  • Micro structural Study of a steel Weldment
  • Grain size measurement by Comparison with ASTM Cha

Fluid Mechanics & Machinery Lab

With the available facilities the following experiments can be conducted:

  • Coefficient of Discharge of Rectangular Notch
  • Coefficient of Discharge of Venturimeter
  • Coefficient of Discharge of Orifice Meter
  • Verification of Bernoullis Theorem
  • Head Loss due to Friction in Pipes
  • Determination of Metacentric Height for War Ship and Cargo Ship
  • Force of Jet Impinging on a Series of Vanes
  • Flow Through Open Orifice Determination of Cd, Cc, Cv
  • Calibration of Mouth Piece Constant and Variable Head Method
  • Performance Test on Reciprocating Pump
  • Performance Test on Submersible Pump
  • Performance Test on Centrifugal Pump
  • Performance Test on Multi Stage Centrifugal Pump
  • Performance Test on Jet Pump
  • Performance Test on Gear Pump
  • Performance Test on Pelton Wheel Turbine
  • Performance Test on Francis Turbine

Thermal Engineering Lab

Experiments conducted:

  • Heat balance test on single cylinder diesel engine by air flow measurement
  • Heat balance test on twin cylinder diesel engine by exhaust gas calorimeter method
  • Performance test on vapour compression refrigeration system
  • Performance test on air conditioning system
  • Heat transfer coefficient natural convection
  • Thermal conductivity of liquids, metals
  • Heat transfer coefficient forced convection
  • Performance test on heat exchangers parallel flow and counter flow
  • Determination of dryness fraction of steam using steam calorimeter
  • Heat balance test on steam boiler
  • Performance test on steam condenser, steam turbine, steam generator
  • Heating value of solid ,liquid and gaseous fuels
  • Exhaust gas analysis using AVL415 variable sampling smoke meter
  • Performance test for various compression ratios and vartious ignition timings using AVL engine

Srength of Materials

This laboratory consists of various testing machines to cater to the students needs. Also consultancy works are undertaken for various construction materials. List of experiments:

  • Tension test on steel rod/wire
  • Compression test on bricks/concreter cubes
  • Bending test on wood
  • Hardness test on various metals
  • Spring tests
  • Fatigue test
  • Deflection test
  • Load and strain measurement