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About the Department

The Department of Sciences and Humanities strives to mold the students to the best of their ability to develop the basis in the basic Science and Humanities which is required for a budding engineer, to compete and contribute to Industry and Research. The department hopes to train the young engineers to become expert in Mathematical thinking, logical reasoning, understand the basis of physics and chemistry and develop the communication skills.

The Department of Science & Humanities has four academic departments as given below:

  • 1. Department of English
  • 2. Department of Mathematics
  • 3. Department of Physics
  • 4. Department of Chemistry


To impart the fundamental knowledge of the students in all facets of Science and Humanities needed to acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Engineering besides, bridging the curricular gap between the school and collegiate education.


  • To train and develop the basic skill-sets which in turn facilitates the students in achieving academic excellence.
  • To introduce innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies which shall chisel the professional etiquette of the students.


  • To inculcate the importance of Basic Sciences and develop a natural flair for Engineering and Technology which in turn shall mould the student into a competent professional.
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